10th Place – Hatch Magazine’s 2014 Fly Fishing Photo Contest

I spent an ungodly amount of time stumbling along river banks at night this summer. I tried and tried and tried to document this bizarre thing I was doing — standing in a knee-deep, fast-flowing river at 2:30 a.m., holding my tripod and camera for dear life while taking long exposures — and yet got only one decent image that accurately portrayed what we were experiencing on the river on those nights. That image shows Zack and Robbie sitting on a bridge overlooking the river — the stars poking through above them with a hint of orange from a far-off city. I entered that image into Hatch Magazine’s annual photo contest, and recently received a 10th place honor for it — which was truly humbling given my total lack of expectations regarding the contest. In fact, I totally forgot I had even entered. Since most of my images from those nights either came out super overexposed from my friends shining their headlights at me at the wrong time, or just totally black from not having my shutter speed right, I was happy just to have gotten something to help me remember the summer I spent fishing in the dark.

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