Native Eyewear Release

I spent the latter half of last summer working with Native Eyewear on their Locals Only Project, highlighting all the things that make Petoskey, Michigan a hidden cultural and recreational gem. The content our team created was just released. A teaser:

It might take a few hours of poring over maps, running careful fingers along the thin blue lines of rivers and creeks, trying to recall any possible details about the land from past encounters with it: childhood hunting trips, futile fishing expeditions, random day hikes. Conversations will veer from absolution to confusion to a desperate ‘well, maybe?’ But sooner or later something will catch our wandering eyes—perhaps a widening of the thin lines of creeks into the thick lines of rivers, or a rise in topography with an undoubtedly awesome view of the western sky, perfect for the golden hour. And where our fingers and eyes invariably stop is something to be investigated and explored; a canvas on which we can begin an illustration defined by exploration, but where a fish doesn’t have to be caught nor an awe-inspiring view discovered in order to feel triumph.

See more of my work for Native Eyewear here, here and here.

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